Borderlands 3 lets you change out its video cutscenes with any .mp4 and hilarity ensues

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If you're tired of looking at Lilith and other characters in Borderlands 3 squinting at you through mysterious psychic visions or over hijacked TV screens, why not drop a meme video in there instead? Borderlands 3 players have discovered that all of the game's videos can be easily replaced with just about any other .mp4 file in the PC version, and they have begun wreaking havoc with this knowledge.

For instance, you could replace Lilith's face with a scene of a bunch of shrimp partying their evening away.

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Or you could create an alternate universe where Lilith is that muscular dancing guy with the bandana.

If you want to go all Generation Remix on the Borderlands 3 cinematics for yourself, it's super easy. Just open up your Epic Games folder, and head to the Borderlands3 folder. This is the path it should use if you did the default installation for everything: "C:\Program Files\Epic Games\Borderlands3\OakGame\Content\Movies".

You can see and watch every pre-rendered cinematic in there, so be careful not to spoil yourself on story developments if you haven't finished the campaign yet. Make a copy of the videos you want to replace, then drop in the new video you want to use in their place and rename them to match the original files exactly. That's it! The next time Borderlands 3 goes to play that cutscene in-game, you should see whatever abomination you've put in its place instead. Videos that are too short will loop, while videos that are too long will simply cut off when the original scene would have ended.

Borderlands 3 hardly takes itself seriously, so hopefully, Gearbox won't mind players amusing themselves by fiddling with the innards like this. It could always put a stop to the memetic madness by updating the game to keep its videos all packed up in a difficult-to-access archive... but where would the fun be in that?

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