Borderlands 3 Arms Race Mini-Events start today with better loot and a slower Murdercane

Borderlands 3 Arms Race
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Borderlands 3 is heating up its Arms Race mode with three mini-events over the next three weeks, bringing in better loot and more chances to extract it.

The first event started today, January 21 at 9 am PST / noon EST / 5 pm GMT, and it's titled "Clear Skies." It gives each enemy in the Borderlands 3 Designer's Cut mode a chance to drop better loot, and it also slows down the Murdercane (that's the perpetually closing circle) so you have more time to find the best loot possible.

Then "Extra Extra Extraction" will take its place at the same time on January 28. During this mini-event, Air Drops will be much more likely to include DAHL chests, which are themselves more likely to contain gear that's exclusive to Arms Race. Then you can take more of your loot home with you by loading it into Extraction Stations with an increased number of slots - anything you don't extract will be lost at the end, as usual.

"Gear Rush" picks up on February 4 and brings the Arms Race Events to a close on February 11 at 8:59 am PST / 11:59 am EST / 4:59 pm GMT. This mini-event makes Rare Chests more likely to appear, and it also beefs up the green DAHL chests scattered around the map with more Arms Race exclusive items. The Murdercane will start closing more quickly, so you'll want to roll through those points of interest ASAP to make the most of the chests.

Each new mini-event will go live via a weekly hotfix, so make sure your game is up to date on the title screen before you hop in to play.

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