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Boobs don't make us n00bs

Are there women in WoW who use their femininity to find groups, acquire items of value and use men as a sort of 24/7 banking system? Sure. Is it easier to get these things as a woman? Yes, especially if the woman is inclined to use her feminine wiles that way.

Granted, it can be flattering, the attention. It can make us feel special, the astonished reaction of our fellow players - "she’s a girl, a real girl! And she knows how to play!" is one memorable quote from a friend of ours to a group. There's a certain power in that, part of the age old balancing act between the sexes. But most women (ourselves included) would rather be thought of as great players instead of girl gamers.

Gaming is a new frontier for the battle of the sexes, and it's a brave new world. Girls in WoW are still considered a novelty, a segment of the population to be treated as different, perhaps not as good, dedicated, or knowledgeable as their male counterparts.

"I only got into my last guild because the guild leader thought I was hot," one player told us. "You tell a guy you are a chick and conversation goes from 'normal' to 'So, can I see your boobs.' or 'You're so hot' and they spend every moment hitting on you."

The PMS Clan had a motto that summed it up: "We may have boobs, but that doesn't make us n00bs." As leaders of hardcore raiding guilds, in-demand DPS'ers, top of the meter healers, winners of national competitions, women gamers continually prove that they can throw down with their male counterparts. Great players have founded and fostered innumerable guilds, encouraged and trained players, and combined their femininity with their skill to become leaders of the online community.

Big changes are in store for paladins, warriors, and alchemists, when Patch 2.1 goes live. So be sure to come back next week for all the dirty details. In the meantime, click here to check out our Window to WoW Archives for the latest news and impressions from our correspondents in Azeroth.