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Bond update: Bond 22 cast talk!

Do you expect us to talk? Oh yes. Quantum Of Solace producers and cast spill more secrets about Bond 22…

The Story

Barbara Broccoli (producer): "This isn’t a revenge movie. It’s more complicated than that. Eva Green doesn’t reappear in flashback, but she’s very much on Bond’s mind."

Michael G Wilson (producer): "The story isn’t a typical type of spy story, but it does resonate for Bond. It’s a direct sequel – it starts an hour after the last film. I think a lot of the movies like From Russia With Love have felt like follow-ons.“


Judi Dench: “I do more in this one! I do some gadgets. And the prickly relationship Bond has definitely developed...”

Michael G Wilson: “Yeah, she gets to kick some ass!”

The Action

Michael G Wilson: “There’s twice as much action this time, it’s jam=packed. But Marc Forster is bringing a lot of humility to the characters, too."

The Title

Michael G Wilson: "There was a big shortlist and we just wanted to use that title because it belongs to one of Fleming’s. We only decided on it a couple of days ago...”

Barbara Broccoli: "You’ll have to watch the movie to find out what it means!"

The Villain

Mathieu Almaric (Maurice Green): “My bad guy doesn’t have a hideout… he’s like gas!”