Bond 22: The details

After half a year of leaping from oil tankers, dodging explosions and getting his gonads beaten black and blue, Daniel Craig was secretly pleased to see the smartly tailored back of James Bond, at least for a while.

Now, with the press furore surrounding next week's release of Casino Royale, the scouse thesp can't wait to get back in a room and thrash out 007's next mission.“In June of this year, when I finished this movie, the last thing in the world I wanted to do was make another Bond movie,” Craig told “I now feel much more pumped up about the idea of taking this on, and it’s going to be interesting.”

Craig is set to join up with producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson early next year to discuss the next stage of growth for the world's greatest super-spy.

“We’ve set up this idea that there’s an organisation out there, and maybe there’s one person who’s responsible,” Craig revealed. “The fact is now he has to go and get them. That’s where the next film is going to take us.”

Tentatively titled Risico, Bond's 22nd mission will go into production late next year ready for a November 2008 release date.

“At the end of the current film there’s unfinished business,” Barbara Broccoli says. “It’s clear in this story that there’s someone out there. In fact there’s a line at the end of the book Casino Royale where Bond makes a decision that he’s going to take on this task, he’s going to become a warrior and try to find the hand that holds the whip.”

The new multi-layered Bond was the key reason for Craig's interest in taking the role and he is buzzing at the thought of climbing back into the tux and delving deeper under 007's skin.

“I don’t think he’s rounded yet. I don’t think he’s finished. He’s got some more lessons to learn, and to me that’s where we take it now. I’d like to see him get into situations we might not have imagined him in before.”

Just steer clear of volcano hideouts and we're pretty sure you'll be fine...

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