Bomberman coming to WiiWare

Hudson Entertainment's director of marketing John Leehas confirmeda number of details regarding upcoming WiiWare content, including the existence of an all-new Bomberman.

When asked whether Bomberman was coming to WiiWare, Lee responded by saying: "Yes. It's coming. Details are still being finalized. It will be different than Bomberman Live. But it's still the classic Bomberman, if you catch my drift."

"It's probably one of the few classic games we are bring[ing] out on WiiWare, but digital download is really where Bomberman shines."

Lee also mentioned that Star Soldier R's US release is still pending, there are no final plans to bring the final SNES Castlevania game Dracula X to the console and Virtual Console resolution problems are caused by guidelines and not intentional.

Addressing concerns that Hudson is almost missing the point of WiiWare, Lee also hinted that original content could be a possibility, based on smaller and unique ideas.

Courtesy of CVG.

Mar 13, 2008