Bob Hoskins faces Doomsday

After two films in which the most famous people were Kevin McKidd, Sean Pertwee or Saskia Mulder, it looks like ace filmmaker (and former Total Film columnist) Neil Marshall is reaching for the stars in his next film.

Okay, so he hasn’t exactly cast Tom Hanks in Doomsday, but he’s only gone and grabbed one of Britain’s acting treasures, as Bob Hoskins has signed on the dotted line to act alongside Rhona Mitra in the upcoming Doomsday.

The plot finds a lethal virus spreading across a major country, wiping out thousands and leading authorities to quarantine the place. Thirty years later, the seal seems to be holding, until a fresh outbreak of the contagion known as Reaper occurs in a different city. The only way to locate a cure will be to send a team of medical specialists, including Eden Sinclair (Mitra), Hustle’s Adrian Lester, Dog Soldiers’ Pertwee and Syriana’s Alexander Siddig into the ravaged, nightmarish quarantine zone. Monitoring them every step of the way is former copper Bill Nelson (Hoskins).

Neil starts cranking his cameras in South Africa in early February and rest assured that Total Film will keep track of his latest horror…

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