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Bloodborne starting class guide: Which is right for you?

With Bloodborne just out in the US, and released to wreak brilliant, bloody havoc on the UK tomorrow, the chances are than you're planning your first expedition into Yarnham right about now. Thing is though, it's not as simple as just tooling up and rolling out. Although more streamlined than the arcane stat-puzzle presented by its predecessor, Dark Souls, Bloodborne's character creation process does deliver rather a few tricky conundrums.

With nine different starting builds to choose from, with wildly varying class abilities, predispositions, and suitabilities for particular weapons and play-styles, your initial choice is going to have repercussions straight out of the blocks and for a good few hours afterwards. That in mind, we thought you might appreciate the advice of an experienced Hunter to set you off (relatively) safely. So I caught up with Ben Griffin, the charming and fragrant chap who wrote our Bloodborne review, in order to get a full run-through of what those abstract statistics and woe-filled backstories really mean for you, the prospective Bloodborner.

Want to get off to a slightly less punishing start? Click the vid and let us fill you in, then read up on some helpful Bloodborne tips to ensure you get the most out of your personalized Hunter.