Bloodborne Caryll Rune locations guide

Forbidden Woods 

Clear Deep Sea

Increases slow poison resistance.

Deep in Forbidden Woods, you'll reach an area filled with snake clusters. If you head uphill near the river, you'll encounter a larger version. Take it out, then check behind the large tombstone it was guarding for this Rune.

Anti-Clockwise Metamorphosis

Boosts max Stamina.

Near the previous Rune is another large snake cluster in the riverbed. Look near him for a small ledge you can drop to. Head down and follow the ravine, taking out the freaky bulb-headed enemies along the way. When you see the two telekinetic ones, take them out and examine the nearby corpse to find this.

Deep Sea

Increases frenzy resistance.

Instead of dropping into the ravine, you can move forward and head downhill. Take a left when you hear hissing to find two big ol' snake baddies. If you can take them out, you can grab the Rune they're guarding.

Dissipating Lake

Increases Bolt defence.

If you continue down the ravine from the Anti-Clockwise Metamorphosis Rune, you'll come to a large swamp. Bear right to encounter one of the large pig enemies. Take him down, then move ahead to where the swamp forks. Take the left path - the one under the tree roots pictured above - to find this Rune guarded by some crawling enemies.

Clockwise Metamorphosis

Boosts max HP.

Continue to the swamp to encounter another pig just before these dual fires in a fenced area. Head uphill from here and continue up the long set of steps to a gate. Open it, take out the snake-headed enemy beyond, and examine the nearby body for the Rune.

Blood Rapture

Visceral attacks restore HP.

Obtained by defeating the Shadow of Yharnam.

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