Bloodborne Caryll Rune locations guide

Cathedral Ward 


Higher Blood Vial maximum.

Found in Oedon Chapel. After defeating the Blood-starved Beast, a new door opens. Head through to find an elevator that'll take you to an upper floor. Take out the machine gun-wielding wheelchair enemy up here, then open the chest for your first Rune.

Formless Oedon

Higher Quicksilver Bullet max.

At later points in the game, the Chapel caretaker can die. He'll leave this Rune behind.

Formless Oedon

Higher Quicksilver Bullet max.

Also found in Oedon Chapel. Take the same elevator up, but roll off as it ascends to reach a rooftop outside. Follow this path as it loops to the top of Oedon Chapel where you'll find the Rune inside a chest.


Boosts effect from transformation.

When you cross the bridge from atop Oedon Chapel into the Healing Church Workshop, head around the perimeter to the right instead of going inside. Follow the ledges here to reach a lower entrance into the tower. It's a long way down, so carefully work your way across the beams and catwalks to reach the ground. A tough-as-nails werewolf enemy hangs out down here. Take him out to earn the Rune.


Visceral attacks gain more blood echoes.

Obtained from helping Eileen the Crow defeat Henryk.

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