Bloodborne at 60fps on PS5 makes me once again wonder why we've never seen a re-release

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Celebrated souslike dataminer Lance McDonald has shared footage of Bloodborne running at 60fps on PS5, and it looks stunning.

Traditionally, Bloodborne is capped at 30fps, even on new hardware. McDonald, however, has been working on a 60fps patch for years, and a new video shows raw footage of their work. Starting with the lead-up to the Father Gascoigne boss fight and ending with a runback through the flames of the Forbidden Woods, McDonald claims that the video is locked at 60fps, 1080p, and features "no upscaling, just six minutes of real gameplay footage captured directly from PS5 hardware."

In the past, boosting past the game's 30fps limitations was possible through a debug menu, but had unintended gameplay consequences. By contrast, McDonald's footage shows no major issues on that front. Bloodborne at 60fps looks excellent, with the campfires and the splash of the oil urns towards the end of the video getting particular praise.

McDonald has been showing off versions of Bloodborne at 60fps since before the PS5 even launched. Back in 2020, they heralded their unofficial patch as "an almost entirely different experience." As successful as that effort was, however, several aspects of the game required manual patching. It's not clear whether the majority of those issues have now been overridden, but they certainly look good.

It's interesting to revisit the campaign for a 60fps version of Bloodborne, especially in light of the Starfield 30fps snafu. Bethesda describes that as a "creative decision," but it's harder to understand Sony's rationale for never allowing Bloodborne a PS5 release that would give it a boost that's both possible and beneficial. And that's to say nothing of a PC release. We can dream…

For now, I guess we'll just wait for the Elden Ring DLC

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