Blokus Portable: Steambot Championship

Blokus is one of those board games that only takes a few minutes to explain: you get a bunch of oddly shaped blocks (a la Tetris) and have to fit them all onto a board with ONLY their corners touching (which is a lot harder than it sounds). Which color you’re playing (blue, yellow, red or green) determines your turn order - so your strategy will depend largely on the luck of the draw at the beginning of a match. The only drawback to playing this game on the PSP that we can see so far is waiting for the A.I. to make a move. Nobody likes a smartass A.I. that owns you in half a second; but it can be a real drag to wait while the computer thinks the first move of the game over for a full 10 seconds.

Time will tell if Blokus Portable lives up (or down) to the franchises from which it's made. Given that the board game has won tons of international awards and Steambot Chronicles has at least some name recognition, you'd think that there's hope for their love child.