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BLOG V 1.05

Episode five of V has aired in Canada, and blogger Kell Harker gets persuaded to join the Ambassador program [WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS!]

1.05 “Welcome To The War”
Written by Scott Rosenbaum
Directed by Yves Simoneau

Blogger rating:

THE ONE WHERE Anna gets knocked up by a soldier from one of her 29 ships... and then eats him.

VERDICT With such a long hiatus so early into it and having never seen the original from the 1980s, not only did I find it a bit difficult to get interested enough to watch the show in the first place, but after the break I had a hard time trying to remember what has been happening in the series. But I’ve stuck with it and now I’m so glad because this second half already feels more intense and engaging.

Whereas the first four episodes felt more like a drama than a sci-fi show, this fifth episode has returned refreshed and full of a lot more cool alien stuff in it including the best moment of the episode: seeing Anna’s true reptilian face! It was just a quick glimpse but that made the shock of seeing those long, pointy teeth more satisfying to finally see. The contrast of Morena Baccarin’s gorgeous face and then suddenly with a hideously terrifying alien one was perfectly executed. It’s in the very last seconds of the episode so if you haven’t seen “Welcome To The War” yet, don’t blink at the end or you’ll miss Anna’s reptilian transformation.

This episode focused a lot on some of the gadgets and technology of the Visitors - the machine that displays pictures of a human’s memories was particularly interesting - so there’s a lot of computer-generated imagery going on, but it’s very well done and it isn’t over-done.

Morena Baccarin is the best part of every episode: not only is she easy on the eyes, but she so charismatic and scary as Anna. I find myself hanging on every word of her dialogue and if she were the leader of the Visitors in real life, I’m sure her powers of persuasion would have me signing up for the Ambassador program. Everything about her performance as Anna is irresistible.

It’s such a shame that Alan Tudyk was killed in the first half of the series. Being a huge Firefly fan, having him on the show for such a short time just felt like a huge tease. And why do they keep killing off Alan Tudyk’s characters? Surely there’s a petition I can sign floating around somewhere on Facebook....

Even though it took five episodes, I’m finally convinced that this show is worth watching. If you’re in the UK and you haven’t seen the episodes yet, my advice is that you give it a chance because it’s starting to turn into a real gem. And I'm starting to get the sneaking suspicion that the Visitors don't actually come in peace...

FLU SEASON It’s revealed that the flu vaccine R6 is a way for Anna to tag human beings. Will those who have been tagged be headed to the slaughter-house, or will they’ll be turning into lizard-like humanoids like in Father Jack’s hallucination? Well, at least they won’t get the flu.

BUNDLE OF JOY? Pregnancy is known to cause some odd cravings, but getting the munchies for a dead mouse is wicked gross and just plain unsanitary. When Valerie was holding the rodent that had been caught in a mousetrap up to her mouth I was actually saying out loud, “Eww! Please don’t eat it, please don’t eat it, please don’t eat it...”

YOU SMELL GOOD ENOUGH TO EAT Warning to all Visitor soldiers who wear Axe cologne: you’ll smell so good not even the Queen can resist you, but you’ll also get eaten alive because of it. I’m sure that soldier still thought it was totally worth it.

BATTLE OF THE MOMS Anna is plotting the annihilation of humanity, but resistance leader Erica is willing to betray her morals and do anything to protect her son. Let’s hope Tyler doesn’t forget the buy a Mother’s Day card.

BEST LINE Erica: “She has my son. If I have to cross a line to blow that bitch out of the sky… I will.”

This episode of V will be reviewed by Ian in SFX 196. For more reviews by blogger Kell Harker, .