BLOG True Blood 3.06 I Got a Right to Sing the Blues

Blogger Kelly Harker still hasn’t picked her jaw up off the floor after watching episode six of True Blood. [WARNING: Contains spoilers!]

3.06 “I Got a Right to Sing the Blues”

Written by Alan Ball
Directed by Michael Lehmann

Blogger rating:

THE ONE WHERE Lorena is ordered by Russell to kill Bill; Tara purées poor Franklin’s brains with a mace, and then she and Sookie attempt an escape from the mansion; Eric works on gaining Russell’s trust. Meanwhile in Bon Temps, Jessica eats a Merlotte’s customer; Crystal gives Jason the cold shoulder.

VERDICT The following verdict has been transcribed from my actual reaction upon watching Tara bashing Franklin’s head in with a mace:

This is $#%! This is so $#%! What just happened?! Did they just kill off Franklin?! I’m heartbroken.
No, they couldn’t have killed him off; Franklin is too interesting and funny and adorable to die so quickly into the season.
He’ll be alright… he’ll be alright.
Vampires can re-grow heads, can’t they? Yes, he’ll be fiiiiiiine.
I think I’m in denial.
This is $#%!

Even though I'm still cussing and throwing things because of what has happened to Franklin, I had to give this episode a fair rating because it really was a good one. I remain hopeful that Franklin will make a full recovery.

EWW! GROSS! An episode heavy on the gore this week (hooray!) with highlights including Lorena filleting Bill with torture thingamabobs, and Tara biting into Franklin’s throat (it was his kinky idea) and then guzzling his blood like a ravenous beast. She didn’t deserve him.

HOW TO TRAIN YOUR VAMPIRE Baby vamp Jessica Hamby successfully feeds on a Merlotte's customer without her meal dying on her. Awwww, she’s growing up so fast!

P-P-P-POKER FACE Eric wears his best poker face as he bluffs his allegiance to Russell. I have a feeling that Eric’s thirst for vengeance is going to end very, very bloody.

BEST LINE Sookie: "Once, I threw a chain at someone and it wrapped itself around his face, like that face-crab thing from Alien ."

This is a personal review from blogger Kell Harker. Ian Berriman's review of this episode appears in SFX 200. What did you think of this episode? Do you think Franklin will survive? Share your thoughts about it in the comments section below.

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