BLOG Knight And Dragon

Well, sort of.

Knight And Dragon , written by Matt Gibbs with art by Bevis Musson and colours by Nathan Ashworth, opens with a weary knight riding into a small village. He thinks it’s deserted until he sees, and falls in love with, a beautiful maiden. Before he knows it, it’s been decided (not by him) that he’ll slay the local dragon and receive her hand in marriage as payment. The only problem is, the dragon’s huge and the Knight isn’t. He sets out to do the job nonetheless and then…

You get to decide what happens.

The script diverges along the experiences of six characters and and, depending on what character you follow and pages you read, you’ll get a different story. Those in turn lead to multiple endings, meaning that whilst this is a traditional story it’s presented in a very non-traditional way.

Alasdair Stuart

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