Blizzard is frantically opening new WoW Classic servers to keep up with demand

(Image credit: Blizzard)

World of Warcraft Classic is finally live, and instead of partying like it's 2004, many fans are watching the slow-ticking countdown of incredibly long queues. As expected, there is a massive amount of people looking to play WoW Classic, and everyone behind the scenes is likely exhausted trying to ensure server stability and minimize wait times. Namely, Blizzard just added an additional three new WoW Classic servers in the US.

If you're stuck behind a long queue to get into WoW Classic, you're not alone. As of now (8:30 PT), /r/classicwow is alight with frustrated players waiting for access. Even with all the new servers, three of which opened at 8:20 (PT), players are reporting excessively long queues and connection issues.

Blizzard is once again urging players to abandon bloated servers in favor of the new servers being opened in order to balance the load. The three newest servers are called Deviate Delight (RP-PvP/Eastern), Smolderweb (PvP/Pacific), and Sulfuras (PvP/Eastern). Getting a headstart on the login screen for these realms could spare further suffering in long queues.

Recently, Blizzard Community Manager Randy Jordan warned players of an impending overpopulation problem, based on name reservations, and urged players to switch from the Herod realm to the newly-opened Stalagg realm to avoid queues. Turns out, he had every right to be worried, but it's fair to ask whether this falls on the fans for failing to heed Jordan's warning, or on Blizzard for being unprepared.

We sat down with World of Warcraft Technical Director Patrick Dawson to hear his thoughts on the game in its 15th year and discuss hot topics. 

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