Bleeding Edge still scheduled for March 24 despite coronavirus complications

(Image credit: Ninja Theory)

Hero fighter Bleeding Edge will still be released on Tuesday, March 24 despite complications from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Developer Ninja Theory assured players of the impending release on Twitter. "Although the Ninja Theory team is now working entirely from home, our commitment to delivering Bleeding Edge to you - our fans - on March 24th remains the same," the studio wrote. 

Ninja Theory is one of many studios which has enacted work-from-home policies in response to government-mandated social distancing guidelines. At this point, most major studios, from Bungie to Square Enix, have shifted to remote work wherever and whenever possible. 

Thus far, the release schedule has gotten through this shift relatively unscathed. For example, production and distribution issues may make the Final Fantasy 7 remake hard to find on launch day in some regions, but it's still on track. And hey, we technically got Doom Eternal a day early, so that's something. That said, it's likely that games releasing in spring and into summer will be more affected. I wouldn't be surprised if we see larger delays crop up in the coming months. 

Bleeding Edge is a multiplayer fighting game with a bit of hero shooter in its DNA. Its cast is bespoke and varied, with playable heroes loosely grouped into DPS, tank, and support roles, but the focus here is on melee combat. It's essentially an objective- and team-based arena fighter with neon grunge flair and Ninja Theory polish. As we said last month, it's much more than a melee Overwatch

Bleeding Edge was originally a MOBA, believe it or not.  

Austin Wood

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