Blazing Angels 2 - first look

The mission: Create a fresh and original World War II game. Sounds impossible, right? At this point, fighting Nazis has practically become its own genre. The team behind flight combat actioner Blazing Angels, however, was determined to somehow make the game's sequel a unique and novel experience for players. Their solution? Start making shit up.

Forget old-fashioned dogfights. In Blazing Angels 2: Secret Missions of WWII, you can launch a heat-seeking guided missile at your foe, or blast through three planes at once with a laser beam super cannon. Forget slow, propeller-based aircraft. In this sequel, you pilot supersonic jet fighters and zip around in machines that bear a striking resemblance to modern stealth bombers. Oh, and did we mention that these "historical" recreations come equipped with after burners and an auto pilot function?

Yeah, this is not the war you studied in schools. And that's the whole point. In order to surprise bored and jaded players, the developers of Blazing Angels 2 have gone beyond what actually happened in the 1930s and 1940s. They've included weapons that only made it to the drawing board in real life, planes that only existed in prototype and, of course, a bunch of stuff that just plain sounded cool. An electricity bomb that short-circuits every aircraft in the sky may or may not have been imagined back then, but it certainly makes downing your 100th German a bit more exciting.

Charlie Barratt
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