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Blade 1.03 Descent review

The One Where: Chase goes to an AA meeting for a take-out.

AIR-DATE: 12/07/06

Written by:
Adam Targum

John Fawcett

Ryan Robbins, William MacDonald, Larry Poindexter, P Lynn Johnson

Rating: 2/5

Through a vampire named Sands – one of Van Sciver’s test vampires who managed to escape – Blade tracks down Doctor Vonner, who worked on the Aurora project. Van Sciver asks Krista to deliver a mysterious package to a waitress at a wedding. The waitress – Vanessa – tells Krista to “thank the Doctor”.

Later, Chase takes Krista to an AA meeting, where she scours the members for that night’s meal. Krista manages to avoid feasting, but is raising Chase’s suspicions. Krista attempts to steal some Aurora vaccine, but fails.

A detective, Ray Collins, is on the trail of Boone (the bent excop “turned” by Krista in the pilot), without realising that he’s now a vampire. He’s beginning to put the clues together, though.

Lots happens, but not much that advances the plot, and key scenes merely fall flat. The AA meeting could have been a delicious slice of black comedy, but is just overlong and unfunny. It’s also becoming rapidly tedious watching Krista trying to avoid feasting without making it obvious. There’s also a supposedly “emotional” scene between Krista and her mum that’s about as touching as a Barry Scott sales pitch.

The Blade stuff this week (what there is of it) is moderately interesting thanks to the mildly amusing Sands and a half decent fight scene. But overall, this is another disappointingly bland, plodding and vapid 45 minutes.

Blade screen time: 16 mins.

Sands: “Are you gonna sunglass me to death?”

Dave Golder

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