Black Xbox 360 rumors gather pace

Rumors that Microsoft is soon to release a new version of Xbox 360 are gathering pace, with reports calling the machine Xbox 360 Elite.

Game Informer and Engadget are carrying information on what is said will be a new 360 package for released in April to sit alongside the existing Core and Premium console editions. Decked out in black, the Elite edition features a 120Gb HDD and support HDMI, but not an internal HD-DVD drive.

Engadget says the Elite edition will be released in limited supply and retail in the US for $479.

The site adds that, down the line, once the Elite is sold out, Xbox 360s in the Premium pack will come with the bigger hard drive and HDMI support. It's estimated that the revised Premium pack will be available summer/autumn and initially will retail at the $479 price point.

The latest update from Microsoft is, "We don't comment on rumor and speculation." After taking a close look at their nebulous response, we think it's pretty clear the rumors are true, but just in case, we'll keep our heads up for an official announcement and let you knowas soon as we can.

Images of the Xbox 360 Elite published here are taken from Engadget.

March 21, 2007