Black Ops Cold War maps - how big they are, how dangerous, and where's the tank?

black ops cold war maps multiplayer
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From what we've seen so far the new Black Ops Cold War maps are bringing more space to its multiplayer. In our recent Black Ops Cold War multiplayer hands on we had a chance try out a range of maps and modes to get a feel for what these new Call of Duty maps are bringing. 

Scale is the main thing, with bigger spaces suggesting battle royale's more open design has fed into the new levels. That's balanced with more objective based modes that support emphasis on controlling zones or protecting VIPs. We'll have to wait to see more obviously to get a better idea of the full offering but for now here are all the Black Ops Cold War maps we've seen in multiplayer. 


Black Ops Cold War Armada map

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Black Ops Cold War Armada map is one of the larger maps in the game, formed of three battleships each capable of being a map in their own right. On the decks there's a lot of distance with fights from ship to ship, or between the wreckage and waters around them, while inside fights are close and brutal, needing quick reactions to take corners. As well as boats packing cannons, and jet skis providing mobile gun platforms, there are zip lines and rappel ropes that let players reach areas fast meaning combat and move around quickly. 


Black Ops Cold War Satellite map

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The Black Ops Cold War Satellite map is another decent sized map, although not quite as big as Armada. It's defining feature is the difference between a rocky, cover filled central area around the crashed satellite that gives it its name, and the flat, open sand that surrounds it. It's a tricky map to pick a loadout for as a result - in the middle you need something with short to medium stopping power to deal with closed in areas and sharp corners. While out in the sand a longer marksman or sniper rifle can dominate long sight lines, although you'll highly exposed in the cover-free dunes. 


Black Ops Cold War Crossroads map

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The Black Ops Cold War Crossroads map is another bigger scale map defined by a large central open area, with a few buildings around the edges. It's mainly a map for fighting in the open, or securing one of the structures as a firing position as the buildings are fairly small. There's also a bridge running one side and train carriages on the other that provide some shelter a way to get into enemy territory unseen. As well as snowmobiles for getting around there's tank which can dominate the wide open areas if it comes into play. 


Black Ops Cold War Miami map

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While it's one of the smaller areas, the Black Ops Cold War Miami map still has some open areas to play a long game. Especially if you find an upper window or balcony. It's mainly a compact map with a lot of buildings to fight through and corners to watch. Definitely a map for short to medium range loadouts that will test the best reactions. 


Black Ops Cold War Moscow map

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While the Black Ops Cold War Moscow map has more space than Miami,  it's still a building heavy combat zone with a lot of doorways and corners. The slightly larger size provides a few long sight lines to lock down but the amount of structures and wall creates a tight window at range. It's also got a lot of narrow spaces that open out in wider areas meaning you really need to be ready to between tight corridor fights and big open areas. It's a real 'head on  swivel' map. 

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