BioShock X06 update

Irrational Games showed up at X06 packing a new build of the creepy first-person shooter BioShock, freshly confirmed as an Xbox 360 and PC exclusive title. We sat in on the presentation to learn whatever we could.

If you have seen the latest trailer of the game (it'shere [PC,360]on GamesRadar, and it's super disturbing, so you should), you see a little girl hiding in a tube. The first-person protagonist pulls her out and, while he is seemingly prepared to strike at the little girl he suddenly gets attacked by a big hulking monster in what appears to be a 50s style underwater diving suit - called a Big Daddy.

In the gameplay segment we were shown we did see a Big Daddy walking around with the little girl - the graphics while not exactly matching the trailer did come really close and were quite impressive. The goal of the demonstration was to take out the Big Daddy by all means necessary and show off just how tough an adversary it really is.

The demo started by attacking the Big Daddy with the beating heart of a freshly killed Splicer, a minor enemy in the game. This only served to anger the Big Daddy and, after outrunning the hulking enemy, the player got noticed by security cameras causing small mechanical drones to attack. After disposing of these minor threats, the protagonist hacked those drones and sent them to attack the Big Daddy. This was followed up by shooting and lighting some nearby butane gas canisters. Nearby objects caught fire and were then psychically lifted and chucked at the monster.