BioShock X06 update

The Big Daddy kept attacking whatever it perceived as a threat, so the player character got creative, lighting other objects on fire - including a teddy bear and a Splicer - and tossing them into the fight as well. But the creature kept going, and only when the burning butane gas canisters themselves were picked up and thrown at the Big Daddy did it finally slowed down and come to a flaming end.

As the protagonist reached out with a heavy tool, seemingly ready to strike the young girl, the demo ended. Dammit.

Every time we see something new about BioShock, we learn more about the game's scope and flexibility. And this demo raised still more questions: Why does the protagonist want to hurt a seemingly innocent looking little girl? Where did his visceral and psychic powers come from and how far will they progress? We're more eager than ever to find out.