Bionic arm charms, destroys major city

Needless to say, there were heads a’turnin’. At one point during the laser-beam scene people (tourists) kept approaching to take pictures, as if we were part of the usual street performer crowd. Can’t say we made any money, but at least they get to go home and say “so hey I saw this guy with a giant robot arm today.”

The history:

Said arm was shipped from Japan in this massive crate, which, had we been pulled over by the police, would have looked more than a little suspicious

How many crates do you suspect you’ll see in your entire life that have “Bionic Arm” written in English and Japanese?

Very tiring to hold that thing all day. It has a handle inside to grip, but hours of bracing will eff your shit up

This giving fellow made us a super-sized waffle cone big enough for the arm to nab. The claws don’t close all the way, and can’t lift much more than a bag

Moments before actually getting popped in the face by a Frisbee

We actually had to call the store’s owner for permission to knock over a whole rack of Marvel comics. Good sports, Comix Experience!

There are only so many ways to answer “So what’s that on your arm?”

The arm is presently back in safe hands at Capcom, no doubt waiting to be used in some kind of devious heist or elaborate prank. Regardless of its future usage, we’re extremely appreciative of the loan and the fact that they had the right mindset to spend an ungodly amount of money to build it in the first place.

Dec 18, 2008

Two editors kick everyone else’s ass at zip-liney deathmatching for the answer

It's good for more than just swinging

And only one use involves killing someone

We smash up game controllers because we can

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