10 reasons why having a real bionic arm would be the best thing ever

It extends. It retracts. It spins. It grips. It pulls. Bionic Arm is without doubt a very cool appendage. The bionically enhanced commando uses it to deflect bullets, swing like a baboon, toss exploding barrels about and, er, unscrew things. But if by some miracle of modern science or Frankensteinian butchery Bionic Arm could be grafted on to our own body, how would we utilize the magical telescopic limb?

That's the exact question we asked ourselves recently and it didn't take us long to arrive at the unanimous conclusion that having a real Bionic Arm would probably be the Best Thing Ever. Don't believe us? Here's 10 barely serviceable pictures crudely illustrating our reasoning...

Sept 18, 2008

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Matt Cundy
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