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Big battles in first Demigod screens

Jan 9, 2008

The first four in-game screenshots from Gas Powered Games' Demigod areright here.

Now confirmed as a PC exclusive, the game's an action-RTS-RPG hybrid that focuses heavily on multiplayer.

"Set in an awesome future-fantasy world, Demigod is a team-based action game that casts you as a hero waging war to obtain a position within the pantheon of gods," the developer explains.

"There are two playable Demigod character types - General and Assassin - the type you choose determines the style of gameplay. Play as an Assassin-class hero, and the game plays like an action-RPG; play as a General, and Demigod plays more like a strategy game."

Gas Powered is promising that Demigod will be a revolutionary team-based action game, the title supporting one to ten players in what, judging by the screenshots, will be massive fights in arenas.

"Fight and lead your troops with the goal of pushing the battle into your opponent's territory and destroying their stronghold,"Gas Poweredadds.

Demigod is due late 2008.

Courtesy of CVG.