Beyond Good and Evil 2 rumoured to be a Switch exclusive for a year and a teaser is on the way

With the list of Nintendo Switch’s confirmed games growing each day, here’s another titan that’s rumoured to appear on the console: the long awaited Beyond Good and Evil 2 from Michel Ancel. As if you didn’t need more incentive to throw money at Nintendo and grab a Switch as soon as it launches in March, Laura Kate Dale from Let’s Play Video Games has leaked a rumour via Twitter that the sequel to the critically-acclaimed 2004 game is going to be a Switch exclusive for 12 months. 

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Plus, if you’re eager to get a glimpse of what it looks like, you won’t have long to wait either. In a second tweet, Dale’s also suggesting that there’s going to be a teaser trailer appearing on January 12, in the lead-up to Nintendo Switch’s debut event.  She's always been pretty on-point with Switch rumours and leaks, so we’ve got our fingers crossed that this one is no different.

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But let’s go back to that codename, shall we? Not just the purview of spy thrillers anymore, Dale has also revealed what might be Beyond Good and Evil 2’s codename: Odyssey. Could this be a clue about its plot? The first game has you play as Jade, the investigative journalist who brandishes her camera whilst investigating the DomZ threat (aliens who want to suck the delicious life juice out of innocent citizens).

Perhaps the second game will expand on this theme. ‘Odyssey’ conjures up mental images of ships sailing across the high seas, so travel could be a big part of Beyond Good and Evil 2’s intergalactic shenanigans. The DomZ might have spread to other planets - and guess who gets recruited to combat it? That’s right. Jade. Again. She’s going to need a ton of film for her camera.

Are you excited yet? Because you should be. 

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