Bewitching new Witcher shots

Feast your eyes on the latest batch of screens from the forthcoming action role-player The Witcher, which has quietly been brewing away in its native Poland for the past three years or so.

Based on a series of local fantasy novels, it's a grimmer world than your usual orcs and elves fantasy fare, being not so much good-and-evil as necessary-evil-and-evil. Casting you as (in)famous monster hunter Geralt, you'll have to make some difficult moral choices between the slightly easier choices of "heavy attack" or "light attack".

Thankfully, those dark themes don't mean that the game looks like a death metal album cover and uses a color scheme of 40 different shades of gray - as you can see in the shots below. We're looking forward to getting stuck playing The Witcher when it releases next year: surely we'll be tired of Oblivion by then.

September 19, 2006