Bethesda hires Fallout: London modder as quest designer

Fallout: London
(Image credit: Fallout: London mod team / Bethesda)

The lead writer behind Fallout: London, an ambitious upcoming Fallout 4 mod, has been hired by Bethesda as a quest designer.

Back in June, a team of modders revealed Fallout: London, a robust, "DLC-sized" Fallout 4 mod that aims to be "a continuation of the base game." Fallout: London will take players to the titular city in the year 2237, roughly 50 years before the events of Fallout 4 and smack-dab in the middle of Fallout and Fallout 2's timelines. The modders say the map is about the size of the vanilla Fallout 4 Commonwealth and houses new factions, storylines, NPCs, weapons, creatures, and more.

We were incredibly impressed by Fallout: London, and apparently, so is Bethesda Game Studios, as it's hired the mod's head writer, Stephanie Zachariadis, as an associate quest designer.

"This is utterly fantastic news and something that all of the team here at FOLON stand behind and we wholeheartedly wish her the best on her endeavors," reads a statement shared to Fallout: London's Discord channel

"We hope that she will give them the same groundbreaking story and quests that she gave us. Stephanie has been a pillar of support for the team and has helped create a fantastic and interesting main story, and dialogue, that we feel you will really enjoy - and we just know that she'll be bringing these talents to the writing board of Todd [Howard] herself. We expect a bright future for her and we fully give her all of our support"

The Fallout: London modding team also clarifies that Zachariadis will no longer be working on the mod in any capacity but that the story will continue as planned with a new writer. As for Zachariadis, we can only imagine she's celebrating what can only be seen as the highest possible compliment to the talents of a Fallout modder.

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