Best soundbar for gaming 2024

The best soundbar for gaming can really make a difference, especially if you play games for both the soundtrack and intelligent sound design. While there's nothing inherently wrong with the speakers built into your TV, they're designed to be relatively discrete, meaning they'll lack fidelity compared to a dedicated speaker system. That's why we've rounded up the best soundbars for gaming available right now, as it makes for a great way to elevate your audio without taking up too much room.

Even the best gaming TV will benefit from a separate soundbar, and the results aren't too far off of a fully fledged speaker system. The latest models can provide full virtual surround sound that'll help you hear even the lightest footsteps in FPS games, not to mention integrated subwoofers and tweeters will help you listen to soundtracks the way their composer intended. That might be a bit too deep for some of you who just need a way to actually hear sounds in your favorite games, but the benefits of using a soundbar are at least there to be had.

With that in mind, here are the best soundbar for gaming options that we think are truly worth your time. We've made sure to include models at various price points, and even a few options for those of you with a gaming PC. If you'd use one for movies, swing by the best soundbar for TV options for even more picks.

Samsung HW-J355

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This model has a wired subwoofer, so be warned that it isn't completely wireless. That said, the unit itself connects to modern Samsung TVs wirelessly, thanks to the Sound Share option - so check if your TV supports that. Otherwise, there's an optical connection too as well as auxiliary line-in. Packing a moderate 120 watts of power, this bar is $149.99 from Amazon US, or £105.60 from Amazon UK.

AZATOM Stealth Bar AZHD1 (UK only)

Don't worry, you're not restricted to playing Metal Gear Solid 5 on this 'Stealth' Soundbar. It's called that because it has two subwoofers built into its casing, which means what you see is what you get. No external speaker or trailing cables. It also has three HDMI sockets and supports 4K and 3D throughput, so you can likely connect all of your devices directly to this beauty. It's £179.99 from Amazon UK.

Bose Solo 5 TV Sound System

If you often find yourself straining to hear dialogue in quiet scenes, you're not alone. This Soundbar from Bose actually has a dedicated 'dialogue mode' for exactly that problem, boosting the frequencies of human speech so that you can always hear what people are saying. Aside from that, the unit is solid but unremarkable, offering optical connectivity, wireless play from your phone and a universal remote control that can be used to control your bluetooth devices themselves. It costs $249 from Amazon US, or £179 from Amazon UK.

Canton DM55 Virtual Surround System (UK only)

This is an unusual shape for a Soundbar, but there's a reason for its extra depth. That glass top is designed to be a surface for your TV to actually stand on. Very clever. Secreted away on its underside are two floor-facing subwoofers, while the front of the unit boasts two tweeters and two mid-range woofers so that you get the full spectrum of audio. There's optical connectivity or analogue input and 200 watts of amplification turns your 2.1 source material into a room-filling soundscape. This premium-looking unit will cost you a similarly premium £329 from Amazon UK.

Panasonic SC-HTB485EBK

This Panasonic's sub-woofer is wireless, so combine that with the wireless base unit and you won't have any cables trailing around your home (at least providing you've got the right wireless equipment to make the most of it). If you do go for wires, there's a digital optical cable port and two HDMI sockets. There's 250 watts of power and the unit features a central speaker for dialogue, to make talking scenes as clear as possible. Get it for £168 from Amazon UK. While that exact model isn't available in the US, there are very similar ones, such as this one for $182.95.

ZVOX SoundBase 670 (US only)

This ZVOX sound bar is another that's designed to act as a base for a TV to stand on top of it. It's got built-in subwoofers so you don't need an external speaker (though there is a socket free for one if you decide you want even more bass) and it's got optical, digital and coaxial inputs. It's also designed for dialogue, which will help when watching films as well as playing games. It's $369 from Amazon US.

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