Best PS4 charging docks 2024

Best PS4 charging docks
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One of the best PS4 charging docks is a surefire, quick way to bring some tidiness, neatness, and ever-lasting battery life into your setup. 

If you’re fed up with spreading controllers, charging cables, Move wands, and even PSVR headsets across the floor, getting one of the best PS4 charging docks might help you sort out the clutter, too. Not only does it give you a specific place to house your DualShock 4s, but it’ll charge them for you too when you’re not playing.

There’s a lot of choice when it comes to the best PS4 charging docks, not surprising as the console has been available for a long time, and accessories manufacturers have had plenty of opportunities to design items that suit its needs. Along with simply holding and charging your controllers, you can cool your console, keep a stack of games hidden out of sight, even store a VR headset. Keep in mind that these docks generally require your PS4 to be in the vertical position, and will add a few crucial fractions of an inch to its height, so make sure you have enough space to stand your console this way. You’ll also need to run some sort of power connection, whether that’s a USB lead from the console or separate power brick, so you need to bear that in mind too when siting the docking station. They fit most of the best PS4 controllers, including the official DualShock 4. Here, then, are our pick of the stations available.

1. Sony PlayStation DualShock 4 Official Charging Station

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Sony PlayStation DualShock 4 Charging Station

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Your first port of call, still, should absolutely be the official charging dock. It's a solid unit, that's reliable, robust, houses the controllers beautifully and looks the part too.

As usual with Sony's official charging docks, this is a mains-powered dock so does require that extra socket - the flip side of that is that this frees up one of your valuable USB ports on your PS4. Thus making it perfect for those who maybe use hard drives, wireless headsets, and controllers - or a combination of all three. I've got one of these at home and used it all the time - and even if you have to store it mose of the time, it's great for powering up multiple pads to ensure you're primed for a couch co-op session with friends and family.

However, it's not being made anymore and you'll be quite hard pushed to find it new anywhere. However, if you can find a good second-hand or refurbished one then this is still as good as it gets.

2. PowerA DualShock charging dock for PS4

The PowerA dock is officially licensed

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This one is the officially licensed version, and it does exactly what you'd expect. It charges a pair of DualShock 4 controllers at the same time, and does so through the supplied AC adaptor. That means you don't need to have your console switched on to use this, and you can charge your controllers at any time, leaving them fresh each time  you play. It even has a simple design and the official PlayStation logo on there, as this is an officially licensed product. It doesn't do much else, other than charge controllers, so don't try and hang your VR headset, Move controllers, or damp laundry on there - it won't do anything for any of these items. No cooling here, but you don't need that for just charging controllers.

3. Lenboken-KJH All-in-One

Yeah, it really does look like a Nespresso, tho

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Lenboken’s dock really does do it all, and is a top choice for the PS4 gamer who picked up every accessory for their console, and uses them too. It keeps two controllers and two Move wands charged, the PSVR headset neatly mounted, and adds a hook for your headphones to hang from too. It comes with a clip to change the size of its docking slot to fit all three revisions of the PS4 console, original, Slim and Pro, keeping it upright and cooling it with two high-speed fans mounted in the base. Four separate indicators show the charging status of the controllers and wands, while an additional USB hub provides extra front-mounted ports for charging while playing, or using USB storage with your console. Power comes from the PS4’s own front USB ports, with two cables supplied.

4. BEBONCOOL PS4 Controller Charger

Benboncool-est cat in the neighborhood

(Image credit: Beboncool)

Sometimes, the simpler way is better. What more do you need than charged controllers? Your PS4 has its own fans. A shelf will hold your games. Your Move controllers don’t get used much and the PSVR lives on the floor. Happiness is a warm DualShock, and this dock gives you that. It’s compact, with LED indicators that tell you whether your controllers are charged, and gives you somewhere to put your controllers when you’re not using them, rather than leaving them attached to the console with microUSB cables. The dock is powered by USB, so you can plug it into a cellphone wall adapter. Use one with enough output, 5V/1A or better, and the dock will completely charge two controllers in two hours.

5. IHK PS4 Controller Charger

(Image credit: IHK)

Another piece of minimal simplicity, but one that’s had a designer’s eye passed over it. Look at that subtle blue glow, the tasteful thickness of the central raised support for two DualShock controllers. It even has LED indicators to let you know when they’re fully charged. What we like about this model is that it holds your controllers in a more convenient position for you to grab them off the charger when you need them. Round the back, it’s powered by anything with a USB port, so plug it into a wall charger or connect it directly to the PS4 console. It takes about an hour and a half to charge one controller, or 2.5hrs for two.

6. Asterion Products PSVR Charging Stand with Optional Illumination

The Asterion dock charges a whole load of stuff

(Image credit: Asterion)

Denuded of any controllers to charge, this dock looks rather like a trophy won by a middle manager at a golf tournament. Filled up with PSVR headset, two DualShocks, two Move controllers and some headphones, it looks like one of Boston Dynamics’ canine robots, poised to leap. The aggressive look comes fully from the position of the PSVR, which isn’t even being charged by the unit but is tilted downward into the Schwarzenegger scowl of angry robots everywhere, and looks particularly menacing with the lighting switched on. This quick-charge dock comes with a 3,000mA wall adapter, and with the quick-charging port on the back can charge five PS4 accessories at the same time. An extra layer of thought has been put into its design: there’s a touch-sensitive button to control the blue lighting, and the PSVR’s cable can be kept neatly in a special winding groove so it’s not hanging down the back. The accessories are packed tightly together, shrinking the dock’s footprint down to just 10in tall and 6.5in wide. 

Can you charge two controllers on PS4?

In short: yes! The PS4 has two USB ports both of which can charge controllers - and both of which can be used at the same time. So if you're happy for your USB ports to be taken up with USB cables, charging your pads, then you're all set already.

However, the best other way to charge two controller on PS4 is with one of the great PS4 charging dock options on this list. This will only take up one USB slot at maximum - and maybe none at all if they plug straight into the mains - and will be a cost effective way of making sure you stay juiced.

However, no we're well into the life of the PS5, you may want to check out your accessory options on that new machine - so head over to our best PS5 accessories page, as well as our best PS5 headset and best PS5 SSD guides.

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