Best of E3 06: Xbox

Superman Returns

Publisher: EA
Developer: EA
Release Date: Fall 2006

Our up-close examination of Superman's latest adventure revealed a game big enough to house Krypton's favorite son. Enabling you to cruise around an 80-square-mile Metropolis (note: that's actually the city's name, not simply description) at over 800mph, Superman Returns delivers as open-ended a gaming experience as you could ask for.

Gathering together all of the Man of Steel's best traits, this game could be the ultimate Superman title. Every superhuman ability that Superman employs gets a beefed-up version that obliterates everything in front of him - but with the health of every inhabitant of Metropolis weighing on your shoulders, you may not want to decimate entire blocks all at once. Fall can't come fast enough for us... maybe we can get Superman to rotate the Earth really fast to get us there faster.

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