The 10 best hidden trophies in Uncharted 4

Hidden gems

As well as the usual trophies for racking up specific kills, completing the game on Crushing difficulty and speedrunning the whole thing in under six hours, Uncharted 4 also includes a number of hidden awards for taking certain actions during the course of the story. Some of these are in-jokes referring to previous Uncharted entries or separate Naughty Dog ventures, whereas others are just cool little moments that would otherwise have passed you by. Read on to see our favourite hidden trophies, and how to unlock them.

SPOILER WARNING: This feature spans the entire length of Uncharted 4, and therefore may contain spoilers if you haven't finished the game.

Relic Finder - Find the Strange Relics

As with previous instalments of the Uncharted series, Naughty Dog have included a nod to Jak and Daxter in the collectible treasures by stashing a Strange Relic (a Precursor Orb) in the game. However, in Uncharted 4 this has been taken a step further as two more references to Naughty Dog titles are hidden away. First up is a Strange Pendant, which is a Firefly Pendant from The Last of Us complete with the name Druckley on the back - a combination of directors Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley. This is followed up later in the game by a Strange Fruit, which is clearly one of Crash Bandicoot's favourite Wumpa Fruits. Grab all three relics and the trophy is yours.

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Still Got It! - Hit all targets in the attic with the toy gun (Chapter 4)

After taking a trip down memory lane in Drake's attic, you can grab your Toy Gun and recreate a shootout by firing harmless ping pong balls about the place. For this award you need to blast all four of the targets hanging from the ceiling, so make sure you don't miss the one featuring Uncharted 2's Zoran Lazarević ("DRAAAAAAAKE!") in the rafters at the far end.

Don't Feed the Animals - Play with the lemur in the market and let it steal your apple (Chapter 11)

As you make your way through the Madagascan marketplace, you'll encounter an apple seller who is very keen for you to sample their wares. Purchase the fruit, then move on a little further to find a man with a lemur on his shoulders and interact with him. After initially appearing friendly, the cheeky primate then swipes your snack and runs away - make sure you talk to Sully afterwards for an insight into Drake's future plans about dog ownership.

I Can See My House From Here! - Climb to the very top of the Clocktower in the City (Chapter 11)

After solving the first round of bell-ringing puzzles, you need to climb to the top of the Clocktower in order to chime the main bell. However, if you keep climbing to the very top of the tower you'll receive this reward as you admire the impressive draw distance - check out the marketplace and your tiny jeep below!

Glamour Shot - Take a photo of Sully (Chapter 11)

As the Clocktower puzzles continue underground, Drake needs to identify some pirate sigils so grabs Sully's Sony Xperia phone (naturally) to message Sam for advice. Ignore the task at hand and swing the mobile round to Sully, then snap a photo of that glorious moustache to bag this silverware.

Stage Fright - Just prior to City Chase, stand perfectly still for 30 seconds (stage demo fail) (Chapter 11)

Who could forget that moment during Sony's E3 2015 press conference when Nathan Drake took his position on centre stage… then froze up completely. It's nice to see Naughty Dog aren't afraid to make light of their previous misfortune, as for this trophy you simply need to remain motionless for half a minute after leaving the Clocktower - no panicked searching for a synced controller required.

On Porpoise - Get three dolphins to follow the boat (Chapter 12)

Connecting with nature, and a strong pun to boot! To earn this accolade, you need to sail your boat left at the start of the chapter towards the small island with the wrecked ship in its bay, then patrol the area until Sam points out the first dolphin. Now, work your way clockwise around the island until you reach the three rocky outcrops, by which point you should have gathered a total of three sea-bound friends - you can even dive in and have a little swim with them, should the mood take you.

Marco Polo Returns! - Play in the ocean near the sunken ship (Chapter 12)

Back in Uncharted 2, there was a trophy and several in-game medals tied to jumping into a rooftop swimming pool for a quick game of Marco Polo with Chloe, much to her chagrin. This activity makes another appearance while exploring the small island with the sunken ship - simply dive into the water nearby and Drake will let out a hopeful "Marco!", though Sam seems unfamiliar with the rules.

Just Floor It! - Drive away in the jeep with Elena without killing any enemies (Chapter 17)

In Uncharted 4, a lot more emphasis has been placed on stealth options to assist in combat situations… or avoid them entirely. For this award, you need to get Drake and Elena back to the jeep and escape without killing any enemies in the area, which is best attempted by climbing around the cliff edge to the right. Once you hop into the jeep and put your foot down, make sure you don't run over any Shoreline goons on the way down the hill, though you can always restart the checkpoint if you rack up some accidental roadkill.

Best Score! - Beat the best score in the retro videogame (Epilogue)

Hopefully you didn't spend too long trying to beat Elena's top score on Crash Bandicoot the first time around, as it's impossible with the number of lives you're given there - she must really have wanted you to do those dishes after all! When you get your second chance during the Epilogue there are extra lives available, meaning if you grab enough apples and don't die while setting a decent time then you can claim the high score silverware for yourself.

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