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Best Sega Game Gear games of all time

11. Streets of Rage II

The game featured levels that looked like the console versions, but they were laid out differently, and enemies didnt have names and life bars like on the Genesis. You could still pick up weapons though, and the awesome link-cable two-player mode was back.

10. Ristar

There were a few notable differences between this and the Genesis version. First and foremost, Ristar collected stars in the fashion of coins in Mario; getting 100 meant an extra life. Also, levels were redesigned; they had a similar look to the 16-bit version, but most were laid out rather differently. Despite a small screen size, Ristars color palette and animations still rose to the occasion.

9. Gunstar Heroes

The debut of bullet-hell master developer Treasure, this furious platform shooter quickly became a must-have for discerning Genesis owners; but it was an even bigger surprise when the title reappeared, downsized but not defeated, on the humble Game Gear.

Conversion specialist M2 shrunk the game for portable play, omitting the multiplayer and dulling certain higher-powered graphical effects but by and large squashing Treasures signature shooter into a Game Gear cart with precious little left out. There were even a few system-exclusive sections if you looked hard enough and if you could play well enough to reach them.

8. Super Off Road

The low-performance, high-competition Super Off Road was a star performer on underpowered machines like the Master System, and even managed to put in an admirable showing on Segas Game Gear. Course maps fill the screen, rapidly covered by zippy little vehicles that pump nitro and mount jumps as hard as you can push them.

The games quick rhythm is ideally suited to on-the-go play, and the crucial multiplayer competition of the arcade--while not able to accommodate the same party-play as the original--can still match you and a friend up for a match or 10.

7. Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine

Repainting cult puzzler Super Puyo Puyo with a cast of also-rans from the Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon turned out to be a masterstroke for Sega. In bringing the furiously addictive puzzler to western gamers for the first time, the company was able to leverage the known quantities of the Sonic brand into a generation of players hooked on the deep, combo-heavy gameplay fuelling this puzzler, the logical next challenge for players whove worn the connectors thin on their Tetris or Columns cartridge.

It might be smaller and feature a more manageable play area, but this is still Mean Bean Machine, which means its still Puyo Puyo, which means its still in a class of its own.

6. Dragon Crystal

In standard old-school RPG fashion, the view is top-down and combat is turn based, but navigating the world is like exploring a maze. New terrain is shrouded in the fog of war, and exploring these labyrinths is just as challenging as fighting monsters and optimizing your inventory.

5. The Lucky Dime Caper Starring Donald Duck

Hammer-toting mad mallard, Mr D. Duck of Burbank, CA, ventures into a succession of seven enchanted lands in search of Uncle Scrooge, Huey, Dewey, and Louie, kidnapped by wicked sorceress-duck Magica De Spell. You could just not rescue any of them and the entire cast of DuckTales would then be out of action and presumably unable to star in Capcoms competing platformer on the NES, but subterfuge was never Donalds strong suit.

So instead, the crazy bird sets out against a host of skeletons, snowmen, jungle beasts, and miscellaneous hostiles, his beak set in a disgruntled grimace and his hammer ever-ready for pummelling.

4. Sonic the Hedgehog

The original hedgehog-themed platformer puts in a fine showing on Game Gear, with an inventive mixture of platforming game styles keeping the action fresh and varied. Speed isnt what it would become in Sonics later adventures, but your reflexes will still be tested in later levels; surely a little space to get up to speed is forgivable, after all.

This 8-bit iteration features all-new gameplay, distinct from the plus-sized Genesis version, so even if you think you know where Sonic got his start, you dont know the whole story until youve seen this lo-fi side quest through.

3. Prince of Persia

The challenging persistent time limit of Jordan Mechners iconic dungeon-runner is no match for a dedicated player with access to PoP on the go. Prince of Persias signature graphical style has always stressed fluid, realistic animation over screen-filling sprites or visual pyrotechnics.

That means the fingernail-sized Prince runs, jumps, and fights like a dream, even if some of the finer-grained platform challenges will benefit from a steady hand in stable viewing conditions. The password-driven gameplay is well suited to dipping in and out, and the games dank dungeon setting shines in high-color Game Gear tones.

2. Road Rash

As a portable title, it had perfect pick-up-and-play appeal. You could get a race in, then save your progress with the handy password system.