The best gifts for PlayStation gamers


Got a SackBoy fan in your life to buy a Secret Santa for? Someone that's so excited about the new Crash Bandicoot remaster that they might go... N.sane? Don't panic, help is at hand. Here's our collection of the best Christmas gifts for PS4 gamers. From PlayStation jumpers to socks, we've got your favourite humans covered in the best merch Sony can offer. There's even some stocking fillers in there if you're just looking for an extra gaming flavoured token for your loved one. Happy shopping. 

Rock Band 4 Band in a Box

If you actually held off on purchasing Rock Band 4 for PS4 last year, you made the right call. At launch, Harmonix had yet to work out the kinks - or add new music from The Kinks - to the series’ rebirth on current consoles. Today, though, it’s the absolute best way to play the world’s greatest karaoke game and the complete band bundle is marked down to $150 (or sometimes cheaper when a sale is going on.)

Buy it US: $149.99 from Amazon
Buy it UK: £201.18 from Amazon

PlayStation Christmas jumper

If your giftee has never got over their love for the classic grey PlayStation then look no further than this ultra cosy Christmas jumper. Who would have thought directional buttons, triangles and squares could look this festive? Add in the giant PS logo emblazoned proudly across the chest and they'll look like a knitted superhero who could stand alongside Crash Bandicoot and Parappa. Plus,  grandparents will be happy because for once everyone actually looks like they're warm instead of standing there in ripped jeans and a t-shirt. Wins all round.

Buy it US: $29.99 from Amazon
Buy it UK: £24.99 from Amazon 

PlayStation socks

Winter, as a rule, is pretty cold. A time of numb noses and chilly fingers, and worst of all, frigid tootsies. Protect the PlayStation fan in your life against frozen toes with these stylish socks, bedecked with the controller’s iconic symbols. Socks are the perfect way to stealthily work your favorite console into your wardrobe, quietly declaring your support while still looking office-ready. It’s like teaching your ankles a secret handshake. Footshake. Whatever. They’re good socks, Brent. 

Buy it US: $12.39 from Amazon
Buy it UK: £9.99 from Amazon  

Final Fantasy 15 Limited Edition Blu-ray Soundtrack

Even if its story is all over the place, there's no denying that Final Fantasy 15's soundtrack is incredible. The regular edition comes with over 80 tracks from the game, but if you pre-order the first-run limited edition on Blu-ray, you get a ton of extras which make this one of the most exhaustive Final Fantasy music collections ever released. You get a disc with the songs Florence and the Machine recorded for the game, along with behind the scenes videos. You get a disc with special piano arrangements of many of FF15's songs. 

You also get a book filled with liner notes written by lead composer Yoko Shimomura. But perhaps the biggest prize of all is a Blu-ray disc containing every single track you can listen to in FF15's Regalia - that's nearly 300 songs spanning almost three decades of Final Fantasy games. This release is coming in a bit hot, releasing in Japan on December 21st, so shipment may get caught up in customs if you intend to pre-order as a gift - but considering the wealth of music in this incredible package, your intended recipient probably won't mind the wait once it arrives.

Buy it US/UK: $109.99/£86.76 from Square-Enix Store

Bloodborne Art Book

In addition to having finely tuned combat and brutal - but fair - difficulty, Bloodborne has some truly beautiful environments and a terrifying, nightmare-inducing way. The architecture, creature design, weapons, and even your Hunter’s clothes are all intricately designed, with each design choice adding to the overall feeling of dread and majesty. If your loved one knows more about Yarnham than their own home town, this is the perfect gift. Fair warning: this book is of Japanese origin, but the text has English translations. 

Buy it US: $50.49 from Amazon
Buy it UK: £39.99 from Amazon 

Scuf Customisable controller

In an age where everything from trainers to coffee can be customised to your specific taste it seems strange that your standard choice of controller colour ranges from black to blacker or, if you're really lucky, dark blue. So if you want to break away from the norm (and who doesn’t) why not try designing your own pad. Fully customisable down to the length and shape of the thumbstick you’re free to pick the colours you want for each individual item. They’re not cheap, but then can you really put a price on being the only one at your next gaming get together with a controller that you’ve designed? (Yes you can, it’s about £150).

Buy it US/UK: From $190/£150 from ScufGaming

PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset

Oddly, some people don’t like hearing the sounds of gunfire coming from the other room (we assume they’re just trying to avoid spoilers). Maintain aural equanimity with these super comfortable headphones, complete with built-in mic. As an added bonus, they work with your laptop, too; just plug in the dongle and you’re good to go. The sound quality is tough to beat for the price, and the folding design helps keep them tidily out of the way when they’re not being used. A must-have for any PlayStation owner.

Buy it US: $69.99 from Amazon
Buy it UK: £64.99 from Amazon

Official PlayStation Coloring Book

Ever thought that Nathan Drake should expand his wardrobe to embrace some pinks? Or pondered how Kratos would look as a Smurf? Indulge your creative impulses with this coloring book featuring the PlayStation’s most iconic characters. Coloring isn’t just for kids, you know; studies have shown that it’s a proven stress-reliever, and can help mitigate high blood pressure, anxiety, and insomnia. You don’t even have to color inside the lines if you don’t want to. No judgment from us.  Don't forget the colored pencils to go with it!

Buy it US: $6.84 from Amazon
Buy it UK: £6.99 from Amazon 

 D is for Destiny

Indoctrinate your children to the ways of the Traveller early with this adorable picture book that explains the game’s lore better than the game does itself. We kid. (Not really.) The art is charming enough to make even the Hive seem kind of cute. Hmm...but is G for guardian or Ghost? You’ll have to read to find out! (No children required for purchase.)

Buy it US: $12.20 from Amazon
Buy it UK: £11.83 from Amazon

Original PlayStation Bag

I know, it’s frustrating you can’t let everyone know your allegiance all the time. And sometimes you don’t have enough pockets. Which is where this comes in: a classy looking airliner back styled to look like a classic 1994 PS1. It’s a decent size for you to fit all your cra… stuff in and makes an instant statement when you step out. It’s both practical and cool. 

Buy it UK/US: $57.02/£45 from Insert Coin Clothing

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