The best gifts for Xbox gamers


Halo? Is it this list you're looking for? So you know your loved one likes their Xbox but they've actually got one of those so what on earth are you going to wrap up on Christmas day? Panic no more. Our list of the best Xbox One gifts will keep your Microsoft fan happy over the festive season. From lip balms - yes, seriously - to soundtracks, we've got gifts for all budgets. Feel free to check our list twice. Happy shopping. 

Halo 2 soundtrack on vinyl

Fine. Halo 5 wasn’t exactly the best thing to ever happen to Master Chief. Neither was the Master Chief Collection. That’s okay, though! Recent missteps don’t diminish the fact that the first five Halo games, from Combat Evolved to Reach, are still amazing all these years later. For the devoted Cortana fan who’s played the games to death, this LP of the Halo 2 soundtrack is a perfect opportunity to revisit a series highlight without having to actually hook up the original Xbox. 

Buy it US: $16.88 from Amazon
Buy it UK: £29.84 from Amazon

Xbox lip balm 

We’re not going to pretend this isn’t kind of stupid. It’s Xbox chap stick. But that’s precisely why it’s such a fun stocking stuffer, because who would ever suspect such a thing even existed? Keep your kisser nice and soft while enjoying the minty freshness that says “I enjoy 8GB DDR3 RAM on the daily.” Can lip balm from the corner pharmacy do that? No. No, it cannot.

Buy it US/UK: $1.95/£1.53 from Microsoft Store 

Xbox One media remote 

Yes, yes, the Xbox One is a great machine for gaming, but let’s be honest: you’re using it to watch a whole lot of videos, too. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, YouTube - Microsoft’s box is an excellent hub for your video entertainment, but the original media remote is just too damn tiny. This officially licensed remote makes sorting through your many video and musical options easy and comfortable, and won’t get lost in the couch cushions nearly as easily. Also, it always understands your accent. No, Kinect, that’s...that’s really not what I said. Sigh. 

Buy it US: $19.99 from Amazon
Buy it UK: £18.99 from Tesco

Xbox One Elite Controller

Here it is: the mack daddy, the real deal, the Rolls Royce of controllers. There's a reason why the Xbox One Elite Controller commands a premium price - it's one of the sturdiest, most customizable first-party controllers on the market. Swap out analog sticks and directional pads with a variety of included options. Use the Xbox One controller app to reprogram its buttons - including four paddles on the rear of the controller, exclusive to the Elite - however you see fit, and switch between profiles with a built-in switch on the controller's face. And all of it comes inside a custom, form-fitting carrying case. For the discerning Xbox One gamer, this is the only controller you'll ever need. 

Buy it US: $146.90 from Amazon
Buy it UK: £113.99 from Amazon

Halo Legendary Crate

The Xbox fan in your life probably has, at the very least, a passing appreciation for Halo. So give a present that’s many presents with this special Loot Crate. Each box contains a handful of special collectibles from the franchise. Make it a one-time gift, or splurge for a recurring subscription if they’ve been really good this year. 

Buy it US/UK: $34.99/£27.60 from LootCrat

Mass Effect Andromeda Collector’s Edition Remote Control Nomad ND1

We’re all friends, so let’s be honest: driving the Mako in Mass Effect was...not great. Hopefully, driving the Nomad in Andromeda will be more fun, but what’s absolutely certain is that driving the Nomad around your living room will be awesome. There’s a less expensive version available, but we think this version’s rechargeable battery makes it worth the extra dosh. This 1:18 scale replica is controlled via a smartphone app and even has a built-in camera, but please note, it won’t ship until after Christmas. We think it’s cool enough to wait for, though. 

Buy it US: $199.99 from Amazon
Buy it UK: £279.99 from GAME

Overwatch Ganymede Plush

If you know someone who plays Overwatch, you probably know two things: nobody ever pushes the damn payload, and Ganymede is the sweet little bird who helps Bastion cope with his PTSD. Even if Bastion isn’t your main, it’s hard to resist Ganymede’s adorable birdy mug. Just look at the guy! Feel free to perch him on your shoulder as you bring justice from above at high noon. He’ll always award you Play of the Game. Always. 

Buy it US/UK: $29.99/£23.95 from Amazon

Xbox Pet Mat/Welcome Mat

Does the Xbox fan in your life truly have everything? I mean, everything? Do they have a pet dish mat emblazoned with the Xbox logo? Hah! I thought not. Also serviceable as a welcome mat signalling to the neighborhood that you have excellent taste in entertainment, this non-slip mat will keep your kitchen floor tidy as your pup or cat gets their food all over the place. Seriously, dog, what is with dropping food next to your bowl? Are you saving it for later? Is it meant to be decorative? What? 

Buy it US/UK: $21.30/£16.80 from Amazon 

External Hard Drive

Living in an age of digital distribution is great - until you start to run out of hard drive space. You can make delete games that aren’t in your current rotation, or you can double (or triple!) your storage space with an external hard drive from Toshiba. No need to open up the case and swap anything out; just plug it in and let it nestle close to your Xbox. It comes in 1, 2, and 3TB sizes, all very reasonably priced.  

Buy it US: $99.99 from Amazon
Buy it UK: £47.97 from Amazon 

Alan Wake: The Novel by Rick Burroughs

Now this is one meta artifact. It’s the novelization of a video game about a novelist trapped inside his own disintegrating novel that he’s chasing pages of in the game. Chew on that. The person who will love this gift is highly specific, both the person who loves Alan Wake but also the person who loves obsessing about what the hell is actually going on in Alan Wake. This describes more Xbox fans than you might expect. If you’re worried that you’ll lose the hoary prose feeling of Wake narrating in the game, don’t worry; this is Burroughs' very first novel so it nails the air of an author doing their best Stephen King tribute. 

Buy it US: $13.91 from Amazon
Buy it UK:
£14.99 from Amazon

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