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Being Human Season two

Being Human creator Toby Whithouse reveals some tantalising titbits about season two on his blog .

"So, do you want to know something about series 2? Well, I' not going to tell you too much. Partly because I don't want to ruin it for you, but mainly because we're still storylining so I, er, don't know much. I know about our new villain though. The mysterious Professor Jaggat. But who was that sinister man interviewing Owen? And what is his connection to our heroes? All will be revealed in time, but I promise you Mitchell, Annie and George will be facing a threat even deadlier than Herrick.

"In one episode, Mitchell, George and Annie will be forced apart. Someone will die. Someone will kill.

"Mwa ha ha ha ha ha haaaaa!"

The final episode of the season one bowed out with 822,000 viewers, impressive for BBC3, and well up on the past couple of weeks. That would suggest that many people who've been following the show on repeat viewings simply couldn't wait this time round. Or maybe word of mouth has finally had an effect. Bottom line either way: this show's been a resounding success story.