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Being Human Returns With 1.4 million

Being Human made a triumphant return to BBC Three on Sunday night, with overnight viewing figures of 1.41 million.

That’s up over 55% on last year’s season premiere of 898,000, proving what a cult hit the show has become over the last 12 months, and it easily outstrips the season one average of 723,000.

To out it in perspective, no show on Channel Five (a terrestrial broadcaster) managed to do any better than that on Sunday, and it's better than anything BBC3 managed in the Christmas week (when the top-rating show for the channel was an EastEnders repeat with 1.32 million). Being Human was also the number one show on the BBC’s iPlayer service throughout Monday.

Ir probably helps that Being Human isn’t up against Lost and Supernatural this year, and there will doubtless be a drop-off next week (though reaction on the internet has been largely positive so we don't expect a dramatic fall), but whatever way you look at it, this is a fantastic result for the show, which has already had its third season confirmed.