Being a Power Ranger has its perks as witnessed in Mighty Morphin #9 preview

Mighty Morphin #9
(Image credit: Boom! Studios)

Boom! Studios' Power Rangers comic book franchise split into two ongoing series in 2020 as part of the 'Unlimited Power' era, but the upcoming Mighty Morphin #9 is itself now running on two split stories - one set in the present, the other thousands of years in the past.

In the present day, the Power Rangers and the entire Angel Grove community are still trying to get back to normal after Lord Zedd's energy bubble had them cut off from the world a few weks prior. The Power Rangers are celebrated for beating Zedd, and it has a few perks.

Take a look at this preview from Mighty Morphin #9 by writer Ryan Parrott, artist Marco Renna, colorist Walter Baiamonte (with assistance from Katia Ranalli and Sara Antonellini), and letterer Ed Dukeshire:

Meanwhile, the flashback story that started a few issues ago, dealing with Zordon's time as one of the Guardian of Eltar alongside Zophram and Zartus, continues. In the last issue, the three of them debated using the Zeo Crystal - the living embodiment of the Morphin Grid, which kind of powers everything in the MMPR franchise - to defeat the Dark Specter. Zordon argued against using it, while Zartus was for using it - with Zophram, the leader, undecided.

In this preview of Mighty Morphin #9, it seems Zartus has taken it upon himself to act with the Zeo Crystal.

Check out this preview:

"Will the Power Rangers make the right choice and save Angel Grove? The battle of Angel Grove continues as the team grapples with a seemingly no-win scenario," reads Boom!'s description of Mighty Morphin #9. "Will they be able to defeat Lord Zedd and his surprising new ally, or will their home fall into chaos for good?"

Mighty Morphin #9 goes on sale on July 14 with a primary cover by In-Hyuk Lee. The issue will also be available with variant covers from the likes of Eleonora Carlini, Goñi Montes, and Joe Quinones/Joe Rivera. Here are those covers:

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