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Behold the power of the Tempura Wizard in Kid Icarus: Uprising's Medusa trailer

This latest Kid Icarus: Uprising trailer goes to pains to establish the game's links to the source material: here you'll see links back to both the NES original and the Greek mythology on which the whole franchise draws. But if you're a little cheesed off at the liberties Nintendo's taken with the latter, best just stop watching before the Tempura Wizard shows up at 1:40. Our Classics is a bit rusty, but we're pretty sure Homer and Virgil glossed over this guy...

Our most recent glimpse (opens in new tab) of Uprising saw us impressed with the game's multiplayer mode and looking forward to the game's launch two weeks from now. While the game's lead, Masahiro Sakurai, has already moved onto developing two new Smash Bros games (opens in new tab), you're free to pass the time plugging away on the SNES instalment (opens in new tab) that never was... or digging out those Classical Greek textbooks and trying to find out where the bit about being turned into an eggplant fits in.