Donald Glover reveals his biggest sacrifice for the Han Solo movie: "Not getting to eat anything enjoyable"

There's no room for junk food in a galaxy far, far away. Donald Glover's preparation for the role of Lando Calrissian in the standalone Han Solo movie - something he's been dreaming about since he was a kid - means a lot of sacrifices. Chief among them, as he told USA Today backstage at the Golden Globes, are his snacking privileges.

“Not getting to eat anything enjoyable for the rest of my life,” Glover explained, probably partly joking but with some real pain deep inside. Though he says it's worth the effort. “Lando’s a big deal to me. It was literally the first toy I ever got. When you have something that’s kind of iconic ... where people pay attention to it, it’s hard because you want to live up to the expectation. But all you can do is live up to your own. And Star Wars is really high."

Glover has talked about how playing Lando presents a unique challenge: an established character who has to be both recognizable from his original trilogy appearances but also instantly cool for today's audience. Part of that is keeping a svelte figure, apparently. If somebody told me it was either pizza or the chance to portray one of my favorite characters of all time, hoo boy, I dunno.

But I admire Glover's dedication to his craft, and it sounds like he's still having a good time with it. 

"I really just want to have fun," Glover said. "The directors: [Christopher Miller and Phil Lord], they’re amazing. I love the guy who is playing Han [Alden Ehrenreich]. It’s going to be a good time. It’s going to be fun. I’m getting ready to just have fun with those guys.”

Directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, and starring Alden Ehrenreich, Donald Glover, and Emilia Clarke, the Han Solo movie is due to be released on May 25, 2018.

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