Become Archlord this autumn

Forget being king for a day. In Archlord, Codemasters' new Korean-developed MMORPG due for PC release this autumn, you'll get to be king for a month. Take a look at these screens to see what power really looks like.

'King' isn't really the word for it, though, as each month Archlord sees one player becoming the ultimate supreme ruler of the game's domain, shaping its world and lashing out at anyone and everyone with their temporary omnipotence.

So, how do you earn the right to become a cackling cybergod? Archlord's world, the land of Kantra, is home to three heavily-protected castles. Thrash your way to the inner keep of each, and you'll be able to get your mitts on a sacred Archon artefact.

Done that? Then you'll be summoned to Archlord's battle arena, where you'll fight for the right to the game's throne where, we imagine, you'll be able to instantly message every single player to let them know what a loser they are, and the like. Just bear in mind that come next month, it could be you on the receiving end of a new ruler's wrath.

Humans, moon elves and orcs are the three races on offer, with eight character classes to choose from within them. But will Archlord's curious new approach to online gaming be enough to make a dent in the humungous popularity of World of Warcraft? Come this autumn, we'll find out.