Be the best - Day one

This is our drug: the rush of adrenaline as the screen screams “Victory!” To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you and to hear the lamentation of their women: these are the best things our chosen life can offer us.

So why take any chances when such glorious victories hang in the balance? To be the best at your chosen discipline is the innermost desire of any gamer, whether you admit it or not.

In the following pages, we have gathered wisdom from our mightiest gamers in order that you might know victory, to taste its sweet nectar and revel in your successes. There’s something here for every FPS sharpshooter, every tactical mastermind and every silky-skilled sportsman, whatever your expertise.

Just as a politician always hungers for more power, let nothing stop you in your noble pursuit of being the best.

Day one: Online hero, War hero, Adventurer

Day two: Sport superstar, Commander, Soldier