Battlestar Galactica 3.05: Collaborators review

US air date: 27/10/06

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AIR-DATE: 27/10/06

Written by: Mark Verheiden

Directed by: Michael Rymer

Starring: Michael Trucco, Richard Hatch, Rekha Sharma


The One Where: Cylon
collaborators are being killed.

A group called The
Circle (Tigh, Tyrol, Anders and
three others) are executing any
Cylon collaborators. New Caprica
Policeman Jammer is ejected
into space – despite having
saved Cally.

Baltar is on a Cylon baseship.
Which means Zarek is the
President – temporarily. He
makes Roslin Vice President,
planning to resign and leave her
in charge – in return for being
made her VP! Gaeta’s The Circle’s
next target, for being Baltar’s
henchman. He’s about to be
executed when the Chief realises
he was their inside man...

Roslin is shocked to find that
Zarek authorised the killings.
Once sworn in, she announces
a commission for truth and
reconciliation that’ll allow them
all to move on.

All credit to Galactica
for not hitting reset, and dealing
with the unpleasant aftershocks
of victory. In reality, violent
resentments would fester for
years but hey, this is TV: we’re
lucky if they’re not all best chums
again straight away. Once again,
we see good men like Tyrol acting
immorally, and can put ourselves
in their position – our moral
certainties continually challenged.

Having Zarek suddenly declare
that he doesn’t want to be the
President is laughable, though,
and there are a couple of
annoying examples of people not
bothering to mention important
facts. It’s like watching Lost!

Starbuck to
Anders: “It’s like I got out of that
cell and someone painted the
world in different colours – I look
at you and I want to tear your
eyes out just for looking at me.”

Ian Berriman

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