Battlefield: Bad Company TV show coming to Fox - Report

Who needs the A-Team when there's Bad Company? The military antics of Sarge, Haggard, Sweetwater, andMarlowemay be coming to the small screen, as Deadline reports Fox is adapting Battlefield: Bad Company into a television show.

The project is reportedly being headed by Alias producer John Eisendrath and Adam Sandler studio Happy Madison. Deadline states the series will portray the four hard-lucked soldiers in an hour-long action comedy series, following the troops as they leave the military and join the private sector.

Of course, nothing goes according to plan for Bad Company, and they find their civilian lives harried by a former superior officer looking to tie up loose ends on his shady operations.

The series will reportedly also be produced by EA's Patrick Bach and Patrick O'Brien, and Happy Madison's Doug Robinson. We've reached out to EA for comment on the report but have received no response as of publication time.

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