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This Battlefield 4 Easter egg is insanely complicated (and slightly pointless)

I honestly don't know who I admire more here: the people who solved this preposterous Battlefield 4 Easter egg, or the guy who came up with it.

Let's be clear here. This isn't just finding a little secret thing, or pressing a switch. This starts with a lantern flashing out a message in Morse code. Oh, and the message is in Belarussian.

But that's the easy stuff. As well as solving puzzle-like patterns requiring much paper and working out, more Morse code at faster rates and hidden keypads to enter codes into, this peaks WITH A BUTTON HIDDEN IN A TREE.

There are several, tiny, tiny buttons hidden under rocks and edges to find. Most are visible from very tricky angles but one is inside a tree. You have to blow it up to expose it. Not just any tree either. One particular tree.

This is not a map with a lack of trees.

Later, after many, many more steps (like recording and speeding up slow-mo audio, and more keypads) you eventually end up having to switch to a different server, waiting for two minutes in a very precise spot, and then finding another tiny, tiny switch that activates a keypad that lets you claim you reward: some special DICE LA camo that was previously exclusive to the developers. It's no giant shark, that's for sure.

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