Battlefield 2142 Strategy Guide

With its vision of future Armageddon, Battlefield 2142 only ratchets the thumbscrews down even tighter for Battlefield junkies. Almost MMORPG in scope, the towering amount of ranks and deep catalogue of unlockable items for each class makes this Battlefield more addictive than ever.

2142 shrinks BF2's seven classes down to only four - so things seem a little more streamlined on the surface. However, within each class, there are two "career tracks" that diverge the roles even further. For example, by unlocking different kit items within the Recon class, you are able to follow a "pure sniper" role, or receive the tools to be a nearly invisible, explosives dealing Special Ops soldier.

You can also mix-and-match your kit and do a little of both - but with 1,500 different combinations, you've got to learn the killer match ups within each class, and what to unlock first.

That's where our exclusive Battlefield 2142 strategy guides come in. We'll give you the lowdown on both the overall basics and the expert strategies for each class. So, first hit the "Survival Guide for Fresh Recruits" to get started, then revisit this page for advanced strategies for each of the four classes: Engineer, Recon, Assault and Support in upcoming guides during the next two weeks.

Survival Guide for Fresh Recruits
Engineer - Advanced Strategies
Recon - Advanced Strategies
Assault - Advanced Strategies
Support - Advanced Strategies