Battlefield 2: Modern Combat - play it NOW!

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat beach party movie (WMV, 21.2MB) - right-click to download

Thursday 30 March 2006
As the next-gen release of Battlefield 2: Modern Combat rumbles ever closer - it'll be out for Xbox 360 on 14 April - publisher EA has bombarded us with a generous helping of new images. We've also got our hands on a movie - which you can see by clicking the link above - that shows the game's natty 'HotSwap' feature in full effect.

Already a hit on PS2 and Xbox, developer Digital Illusions will give Modern Combat a suitably spangly visual spruce for its next-gen debut and is also promising new vehicles, enhanced HotSwapping (a feature that lets you switch control to different allies during battle) and superior online play.

If you want an early taste of online war, a Modern Combat demo is available for download now on Xbox Live. It's a not-too-hefty 382MB and will give you the chance to trade bullets and incendiaries with up to 23 other players. So what are you waiting for? Kit up, move out and we'll see you on the battlefield.

Matt Cundy
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