Batman v Superman R-rated Blu-ray is 181 minutes long - with two hours of extras

Even though Zack Snyder promised a three-hour extended version of Batman v Superman on home video, there was always a slim chance it wouldn't materialise. That butt-numbing runtime has now been confirmed by a Swedish retailer, CDON, which lists the Ultimate Edition of the movie as clocking in at 181 minutes: three hours and one minute. 

Unlike its theatrical counterpart this longer version will be an R-rated affair. Producer Charles Roven assures us it will be much more intense, while Snyder has said it's not a "hard R" - so don't expect nudity and gore. As well as beefing up the adult content, the home video release will reintegrate several characters whose roles were left on the cutting room floor. Namely, Jena Malone. It's odd that considering all of the brouhaha surrounding her role - eventually revealed as Barbara Gordon - she was snipped from the theatrical cut. That reason alone is enough to make fans shell out for the Blu-ray.

While the second disc of the release is the one that includes the R-rated cut, it's the first disc which also has some surprises in store. Two hours of them, to be exact. Yes, we're getting a hefty 120 minutes of bonus features that's likely to include making-ofs, artwork, commentaries and more deleted scenes. The Blu-ray is expected to arrive in July, so we'll no doubt receive specifics on those extras sometime before then. 

Images: Warner Bros.

Gem Seddon

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