DC Supergroup Batman Inc. is back and could be out to get the Dark Knight

Batman #120 cover
Batman #120 cover (Image credit: Jorge Molina (DC))

The early '10s Batman superteam of Batman Inc. is returning to comic books this winter, and now we know just who is in the Batman supergroup.

Batman Inc. (Image credit: Chris Burnham (DC))
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As revealed on the cover for February 1's Batman #120 by series artist Jorge Molina, this new Batman Inc. line up will be comprised of the Batman of China, Gaucho (the Batman of Argentina) Nightrunner (the Batman of Paris), Dark Ranger (the Batman of Australia) ... And Abyss, the new Batman villain slated to debut in December 7's Batman #118 (opens in new tab).

The original Batman Inc. was a global organization created by Batman/Bruce Wayne to, in essence, franchise the Batman style of vigilantism and superheroes across the world. The idea was built off of a much older DC superteam from the '50s - the International Club of Heroes, which was latter dubbed the Batmen of All Nations.

In descriptions of these upcoming Batman issues, DC has said that Batman Inc. has been revived by a "mysterious new benefactor" - and they initially will help Batman track down and neutralize Abyss.

Batman #120 cover (Image credit: Jorge Molina (DC))
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But from the looks of this cover of Batman #120, it's all a ploy - and Abyss might be the new benefactor behind Batman Inc., working both sides against Batman himself.

This story is part of the first arc of the Batman ongoing title's new creative team of writer Joshua Williamson and artist Jorge Molina, as Bruce Wayne/Batman decides to take a break from Gotham City and re-embrace an international pursuit of justice.

It all begins December 7 with Batman #118, followed by Batman #119 on January 4,  and then Batman #120 on February 1.

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